In April 2022, Solar Citizens hosted the Brisbane Electric Vehicle Experience in the heart of Brisbane at Victoria Park. A bit of rain didn’t put a dampener on the event, with close to 1,000 people stopping in to check out the electric vehicles on display and have a chat about the benefits of going electric.

We were joined by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and the Australian Conservation Foundation and some great local EV businesses. On display was a range of EVs, from brand new and second hand, to converted petrol cars, scooters, e-bikes, and even an electric bus. 

At the Solar Citizens stall, we had plenty of great chats with locals about the benefits of cars that can run on sunshine – and how electrifying our transport system can benefit our health, hip pockets, and climate. 

We heard from great local speakers, including Graeme from OZ-DIY on the ins and outs of converting cars to electric, Paul from EV Hub on EV charging 101, and local state MP Jonty Bush on the Queensland Government’s EV strategy. Plus we had an engaging Q&A session with a panel of local federal election candidates on the policies they were bringing to the 2022 federal election. 

Channel 10 news also stopped in for a TV interview to cover the event and the growing community movement for stronger action to accelerate affordable electric transport.

We had a lot of great feedback that people really enjoyed the opportunity to have genuine chats to EV owners, and to hear from passionate people about the day to day of electric cars. And many welcomed the opportunity to actually check out an EV in person or sit in one – without a sales pitch. 

Encouragingly, most of the attendees said they were encouraged to make the switch, learned something new about electric vehicles, and would recommend future events to family and friends.

Overall, it was an electrifying day and we’re looking forward to the next one.

Charge Ahead


Charge Ahead is @solarcitizens campaign to get Australia on the road to sustainable transport.