Worried about insurance for your electric vehicle event?

Charge Ahead | Mar 30, 2022
This is not legal advice, but shares some of Solar Citizens’ experience from organising the Logan Electric Car experience. Be sure to get in touch with your insurer to discuss what’s possible for your event, and get legal advice if...

The Logan electric vehicle experience

Hannah Mitchell | Feb 19, 2022
In November, Solar Citizens joined with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and Tesla Owners Club (TOCA), to host the Logan Electric Vehicle Experience in Logan, Queensland.

Getting the right exhibitors to your event

Charge Ahead | Feb 19, 2022
So you’ve decided to host an event that exhibits cutting-edge zero emissions vehicle technology. That’s great news! But who do you want to invite along to show off their wheels?

Charge Ahead Campaign Launch

Charge Ahead | Jul 29, 2021
Charge Ahead: a new grassroots community campaign to urge policy makers to accelerate the electrification of Australia’s cars, buses, trucks and trains to reduce transport emissions.

The EV Tax: What is it and Why is it Bad News?

Stephanie Gray | Dec 02, 2020
Australia will soon become the first place in the world to slap a net tax on electric vehicles – a move that will derail the fledgling industry and keep polluting cars on the road for longer.  *** UPDATE: South Australia's...