What's the problem?

Cars, trucks, trains and buses that run on clean energy – that could be Australia’s future. 

Australia has some of the world’s best solar and wind resources, so we reckon that electric transport powered by renewable energy is a no-brainer. With well over two and a half million solar rooftops glinting across the country, it’s fair to say that Aussies are keen to adopt clean technology and slash emissions. 

Yet Australia is stuck in the slow lane on cleaner cars. Electric vehicles make up just 0.1% of the 20 million cars on our roads.

Now we have the opportunity to learn from our incredible solar success and go from clean transport laggard to leader. 

If we fail to act now, Australia is at risk of getting left behind with expensive polluting cars and rising transport emissions that will harm our health, hip pockets and climate for years to come.

What is Charge Ahead?

Charge Ahead is the independent community campaign to accelerate clean transport, smash the barriers to electric vehicle (EV) uptake, and drive down transport emissions in Australia.

We’re a campaign of Solar Citizens; a 150,000 strong organisation advocating for clean energy and transport policies. For the last ten years we’ve campaigned for a fast and fair energy transition. 

We believe that when the millions of Australians who want to power their lives with renewable energy and clean transport come together, we’re powerful. Together we’re building a people-powered movement to put pressure on decision makers and bring about a clean transport future for all Australians.

We’re independent, meaning that we don’t support any one political party, company or organisation over another.

We’re a registered not-for-profit, relying on the generosity of our supporters to help us fund campaigns.

If you believe in a bright future driven by clean transport, join the Charge Ahead campaign today.