Within months, the Queensland Government will release its draft plan for zero emissions vehicles. 

This is an opportunity to start driving down transport emissions, but we need to show the government there's real community appetite for clean transport and demonstrate the barriers for prospective EV drivers.  

Just as we have made our state a global pacesetter for rooftop solar, we can lead the way on electric vehicles. 

We need our state government to commit to ambitious EV policies, or Queenslanders will be left in the dust.

To the Transport Minister Mark Bailey and Energy Minister Mick de Brenni,

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future: they can run on renewable energy, cut rising transport emissions and are cheaper to run and maintain. But Australia’s EV uptake lags behind the rest of the world.  As the Queensland Government prepares its new zero emissions vehicle strategy, we ask you to commit to ambitious policies that put more people behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

We ask the Queensland Government to: provide upfront subsidies to make the purchase costs of EVs on par with ICE vehicles, waive stamp duty and registration fees, invest in filling gaps in public and private charging infrastructure, support homes and businesses to be EV-ready and introduce a target for 100% of new car sales to be electric by 2030.