Clean energy advocates Solar Citizens have welcomed stronger financial incentives for South Australian electric vehicle buyers, but warn the Marshall Government’s package will leave local buyers paying more than in other states.

The Government’s bill to introduce a road user charge on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles narrowly passed the South Australian Parliament’s upper house today, despite opposition from Labor and the Greens.

The Government’s initial proposal has been improved with a delayed introduction to the road user charge, paired with $3000 subsidies and an exemption from registration fees for electric vehicles.

Solar Citizens’ electric vehicle campaign lead Alistair Perkins said the financial incentives do not make up for the new tax on zero emissions cars.

“It’s good that South Australian EV buyers will be able to access some of the incentives offered in other states, but this rushed new tax is a step in the wrong direction,” Alistair Perkins said.

The passage of the legislation makes South Australia one of few jurisdictions in the world to introduce a tax on zero emissions vehicles.

“The Government’s failure to offer the stamp duty discounts available in New South Wales and the ACT is a missed opportunity that will leave South Australians paying more.”

“South Australia would benefit from a rapid uptake of EVs, with world-leading opportunities to charge from abundant and affordable renewable energy.”

“With the state election less than six months away, all parties have an opportunity to commit to ambitious policies that put more people behind the wheel of EVs,” he said.

Charge Ahead


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