Now you’ve decided to host an electric vehicle event and have locked in the date and location, how will you attract a crowd?

Getting the right mix of EV fans, industry and prospective buyers will be key to putting the most people on the road to zero emissions motoring.

It’s likely that word-of-mouth will do some of the hard work, but taking a few simple steps can help.

Here we’ve covered some ways to promote your event and tap into the established electric vehicle networks.

Building blocks

Laying solid foundations is key. Whether you have a big following on social media, or no established communications channels, a simple poster will help to put your event on the map.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Free online tools like Canva are simple to use and provide templates for social media, flyers and poster designs.

Posting a striking visual promotion on social media lays a foundation and gives interested people something to share with their networks.


Teaming up with groups that have established audiences is a great way to reach people that are already engaged with electric vehicles.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association is an obvious place to start, established more than 50 years ago and claiming the title of “longest continuously running EV society in the world”. They have members around the country and no shortage of experience hosting events.

The newer - but fast-growing - Tesla Owners Club of Australia also has members in each state and territory who love to show off their rides.

There are also free ways to promote your event. EV Festival was established to disseminate information about events being held in Australia and New Zealand. Their site promotes events by linking through to your website, providing a way to amplify your invitation to an established audience of EV enthusiasts.

Social media advertising

If you have a budget for promotion, social media can be an effective way to target people that are interested in particular issues and live in a specific area.

Facebook is a popular place for community groups to advertise events, with event management tools integrated to manage RSVPs and communicate with the people that have said they will attend.

One of the Facebook ads for a recent event in Queensland

Costs depend on the number of people you hope to reach, with paid promotion offering the added benefit of attracting people to your page.

Facebook’s analytics also provide ways to assess the effectiveness of your advertisements and give insights that aren’t available with print or broadcast advertising.

Print and broadcast media

While big papers and television are prohibitively expensive for most, there is no shortage of local papers and community broadcasters that offer affordable advertising.

These outlets provide a way to tap into established audiences, based around specific locations and even particular issues.

Depending on individual policies, there are opportunities to buy advertising, sponsor programs or even contribute to programs as a guest.

Posters, flyers and grassroots promotions

Just like lawn signs and flyers that appear at election times, producing physical materials can be an effective way to reach people that live in specific areas.

Taking advantage of affordable options for printing and graphic design allows event organisers to get word out about events, with a small financial outlay and a bit of effort.


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