20th June: NSW Government Accelerating Clean Cars

The New South Wales Government has today announced a $490 million package to drive electric vehicle uptake, a move celebrated by independent community group Solar Citizens.

The package includes a $3,000 upfront subsidy for 25,000 electric vehicles under $68,000 and waived stamp duty for vehicles under $78,000. The New South Wales Government will also invest $171 million on charging infrastructure and defer introducing road user charges for electric vehicles until 2027 or until EVs make up 30% of new car sales.

“It’s fantastic to see the NSW Government taking ambitious action to accelerate clean transport, said Solar Citizens' National Director Ellen Roberts.

“Helping drivers switch to electric vehicles is crucial for NSW to reach net zero emissions by 2050, as transport emissions are rising rapidly.

“Electric vehicles can run on cheap renewable energy and don’t produce pollution that harms our health and drives climate change. EVs can also provide valuable grid services by soaking up excess solar during the day and feeding it back into the grid when it’s needed.

“A policy vacuum has kept electric vehicles out of reach for many Australians.

"The NSW Government’s electric vehicle strategy shows it’s serious about tackling transport emissions. Introducing a $3,000 subsidy and deferring road user charges will help make electric vehicles more affordable for all drivers.

“Now we’d like to see other states and the Federal Government follow the lead of NSW and introduce these kinds of sensible and forward-thinking policies to encourage EV uptake”

Last year Solar Citizens launched a campaign representing electric vehicle owners and supporters to advocate for ambitious EV policies from NSW and other State Governments, including:

  • A state electric vehicle target
  • Upfront EV subsidies to help achieve price parity with ICE vehicles
  • Reducing motor vehicle duty and registration fees
  • Deferring road user charges until EV uptake is higher
  • Investment to fill gaps in charging infrastructure, and support homes and businesses to be EV ready


Media contact: Ellen Roberts 0408 583 694