FACT: Electric Vehicles environmentally out-perform Fossil fuel vehicles in energy consumption, raw material waste, exhaust emissions and fuel emissions when run on renewable energy. 

EVs use around 3-5 times less energy than conventional fossil-fuelled vehicles and have no exhaust emissions unlike polluting internal combustion engine vehicles. By charging an EV using renewable energy, there is the potential to run your car completely carbon neutral and even when an EV is charged by fossil-fuel electricity they still generate lower net emissions than ICEVs. If Australia were to shift to 100 percent EVs operating on renewable electricity, this would eliminate six per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, EV battery recycling and repurposing is on the rise and recent analysis found that over their lifespan electric vehicles can use up to 300x less materials than fossil fuel cars, as they have more recyclable materials.

Transport emissions are one of the largest and fastest growing sources of pollution in Australia so now, more than ever, we need to be supporting clean, electric vehicles.