Solar Citizens has expressed disappointment at the news today that Labor will dump fuel emissions standards in the lead up to the Federal election.

‘We’re very disappointed to learn today about Labor’s plan to dump fuel emissions standards from their upcoming election policy.

‘Everyone from car manufacturers to health professionals are calling for fuel standards for Australian vehicles. Fuel emissions standards will not only mean that Australia becomes competitive in the global electric vehicle market, but will clean up polluted air in our cities and mean billions saved in health costs.

‘We simply can’t delay the transition to EVs - Australia is already lagging far behind other countries and risks becoming a dumping ground for the world’s unwanted polluting cars. The longer we delay the transition to electric vehicles the more expensive motoring in Australia will become.

‘The Morrison government has shown no leadership on clean transport, even though they seem to have moved on from their toxic campaigning on EVs in the 2019 election. In the absence of Federal leadership, the States, particularly NSW, have stepped up. However fuel emissions standards are such a key policy piece and Labor should seize the opportunity to show they’re backing Australian motorists.’

Solar Citizens is a movement of thousands of solar owners and everyday Australians who want to see a transition to renewable energy and clean transport. Solar Citizens’ Charge Ahead campaign has been pushing for Federal and State action to urgently increase the uptake of electric vehicles to bring down fuel costs, clean up the vehicle fleet and assist with the energy transition.

Charge Ahead


Charge Ahead is @solarcitizens campaign to get Australia on the road to sustainable transport.