So you’ve decided to host an event that exhibits cutting-edge zero emissions vehicle technology. That’s great news! But who do you want to invite along to show off their wheels?

To provide a starting point, we’ve taken a look at some of the groups present at recent EV shows to provide some inspiration.

While each brings different perspectives, recent events have proven the value of working together to help more people share in the benefits of EVs.

EV owners

A common theme across successful events has been strong buy-in from electric vehicle owners.

Polling shows interest in EVs is growing rapidly, with many new car buyers considering going electric. But EV only make up a fraction of new car sales, with uncertainty about range, functionality and model suitability holding a lot of prospective buyers back.

Arguably the most effective advocates for emerging vehicle technologies are the individuals that have put their money where their mouth is and have real-world experiences to share.

Able to make the case for EVs without the perceived bias of manufacturers and salespeople, EV owners provide a valuable perspective at any showcase of clean transport tech.

Wondering about the best ways to invite EV owners in your area to participate in your event? A good place to start is by contacting member organisations like the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA), state Tesla Owners Club of Australia branches and Solar Citizens.

They can advise on the best way to get in touch with owners in your area and might be willing to promote your event to their supporters.

Test rides

Getting a taste of the power, comfort and capability of electric vehicles makes it hard to go back to dirty combustion engines.

To provide this experience to more people, groups like Give it a Whirl connect prospective buyers with EV owners in their area.

Their program provides a simple way to get a feel for an EV, without the fear of the hard sell that comes from car dealers.

AEVA also incorporates test rides into many of their events, with an established network of members across the country able to showcase a diverse range of vehicles. A calendar of upcoming AEVA events can be found here.

EV manufacturers

As state governments began legislating new taxes on electric vehicles, some of the world’s largest car manufacturers joined an unlikely alliance to advocate for policies that would boost EV uptake.

Tesla, Nissan, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi have been vocal over the past year, supporting efforts by renewable energy and environmental advocates for better policies to reduce transport emissions.

Supported by the Electric Vehicle Council, who represent the EV industry in Australia, these big names are helping to make the case to electrify our vehicle fleet. 

Manufacturers have also attended EV events, showing off their hardware and supporting efforts to bring the technology into the mainstream.

One challenge faced by organisers has been finding car dealers with EVs in stock to show off, with demand outstripping the limited supply of cars to the Australian market.

To give yourself the best chance of getting the big car brands along to your event, get in touch with a local dealer and provide as much notice as possible.

Local businesses

Electrifying transport is about more than just cars, with countless businesses around the country integrating electric vehicles into their operations.

Whether it is the local bicycle shop that stocks e-bikes, the local bus network that is embracing electricity, a local manufacturer that customises electric vehicles for their customers or even racers embracing EVs to unlock more power and acceleration.

While it might involve a bit of work to find electrifying local perspectives, there are valuable perspectives spread around Australia that will welcome an invitation to participate.

Connecting with AEVA members in your area will be a good place if you want to learn about businesses doing interesting things with EVs.


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